Tresor by Jeff Copeland

Trésor /trez-ore/ is a collection of hyper-visual, coin magic routines & sleights that you can do! Taught in a brand new digital format, it will take your everyday coin sleights to the next level.

As a bonus, the project also includes two simply amazing, custom-minted coins packaged inside a luxury album.

Get ready to fry minds, your coin magic is about to get stronger, more visual, and easier to performer than ever before!

What do you get?

  • 99 minute online teaching video FULL of amazing & new coin magic
  • Includes OVER 20 non-gaff sleights and 3 routines
  • Copeland’s EXCLUSIVE, new immersive teaching format: DAVE
  • Streaming download code packaged in a LUXURIOUS, custom-made coin album
  • Intentional, clear teaching for ALL skill levels: beginner to advanced
  • Includes 2 amazing limited edition Tiger-Tan COINS
  • Trésor /Trez-ore/ n (masc.) French – “treasure”

Now available as an instant access Streaming Access Only with No Coins & No Shipping cost

With Trésor, you will embark in an explosive, master class that uses the French Drop, a basic sleight of hand move, as it’s foundation. But that is just the tip of the iceberg… The course is full of original, eye-candy effects that anyone can perform.

The sleights include brand new vanishes & productions. Not to mention, retentions, writes, erases, flickers, changes, melts, and more… Yes, you will do all that with solid metal and it looks so good…Many of these ideas included have never even been dreamed before!

Most of the sleights are in the beginner category but certainly do not look it. That is the beauty of Trésor: the moves look great with little effort. Of course, there are some “knuckle-buster” sleights included to stretch your work ethic…but most moves are learned in minutes! And to get you going, there are 3 complete routines using everything taught.

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