Magic Box by George Iglesias and Twister Magic

Magic Box by George Iglesias and Twister Magic A classic of magic brought to modern times by George Iglesias! Within the years the drawer box has become a classic of magic, a versatile apparatus that allows the magician to show an empty box and then make many objects appear. All drawer boxes are normally made out of wood or acrylic... Ok that's fine, but what if you can present the drawer box now as a more realistic modern box? You got it!

Flying Ghost by Mario Tarasini

Flying Ghost by Mario Tarasini I present to you a packet miracle! Effect: The Spectator selects one card and signs it. The Magician picks up the signed card and pushes it through the box. The magician takes the coin and drops it in the box and.. …the coin goes through the signed card and falls through the bottom of the box!!!

Flying Bandinis by Joe Rindfleisch

Flying Bandinis by Joe Rindfleisch The Flying Bandinis combines four visual phases. Each phase is unique and impossible. Joe Rindfleisch is the master of rubber band magic. His work is unmatched and Flying Bandinis is a perfect example of how his crazy mind works.

Kim Andersen – Shrapnel

Kim Andersen - Shrapnel Dit is-ie dan! DÉ hit van Blackpool Magic Convention 2022! Wij van The Premium Magic Store zijn als enigste Nederlandse goochelwinkel naar dit toffe congres geweest, en hebben deze truc dus met eigen ogen mogen aanschouwen! Dat SHRAPNEL dé truc van BP22 is geworden, is volgens ons niet onterecht! Wat WAT een gaaf effect is dit! Dit jaar enorm veel leuke, gave en indrukwekkende trucs gezien, maar SHRAPNEL van Kim Andersen is de terechte winnaar!

Unlimited by Banachek

Unlimited by Banachek Banachek's Unlimited technique is legendary. He's used it to fool the top pros in the field of mentalism. To witness him perform it is like seeing a real mind reader. Unlimited Power is an advanced secret-writing technique that gives you unlimited possibilities.

InCAANtation By Joel Dickinson

InCAANtation By Joel Dickinson "I’m a huge fan of Joel Dickinson and his approach to magic, this routine does not disappoint and is a steal the price." - Dave Loosley "This is brilliant. I was totally fooled by the effect and delighted with the method!" - Marc Oberon

McStraw by Michael Kaminskas

McStraw by Michael Kaminskas The instructional video you get teaches how to perform this miracle using items that are easily obtained or even already in your house! Easily the coolest straw trick ever. This trick is SO visual and ends with a complete transformation.