It’s Pursenal by Michael O’Brien & Deuce Gala Magic

Immediate reactions, instant engagement! Whether a quick, captivating opener or a full on fun routine, the invisible purse is no longer just an unusual prop, it's now a main feature! Michael O'Brien is back, but this time It's Pursenal! His sponge ball opener is the

Gaffed To The Hilt Lecture by Don England

Many magicians still know me best for my gaffed cards and the tricks I created using them. This is a video record of the lecture I gave at Abbotts where I taught everything you need to know to master the art of making your own gaffed cards — without having to make all the mistakes I

My Poker Collection by Martin Braessas

"Finally a packet trick that makes sense. It's easy, practical, and visual. I rarely perform a packet trick but this is an exception!" - Patrick Kun From The Mind of Martin Braessas comes My Poker Collection .