Cardvertisment by Michel Huot, Luca Volpe & Alan Wong

From the creator of Socks, Priceless and Nostalgia comes a very solid 5-10-minute routine for stage or parlor. Here is what happens: Nowadays, begins the mentalist, advertisement is everywhere. Does it still work? Or not? Are we still being influenced by it or not really?

Totally Blind 21 Card Trick by Joseph B

This version of the 21 card trick will be surprising especially for those who know the classic version. In this case all choices are made by the spectator. The charm of this variant is that the protagonist will only be the spectator.

5 Cards by Joseph B

A variation on a classic in magic, but with two kicker endings. The magician shows five blank cards, removes one, two, three... But the cards still remain five. Eventually the blank cards transform into the spades from one to five

Monu by Alexis De La Fuente

I have always loved the ESP Jazz trick, but something has always bothered me: the ESP cards. They never made sense in my mind, and the audience doesn't know what they are. So I thought of a modern and playful way to transform this effect!

Minify by Kev G & Lord Harri

Introducing Minify, an amazing card effect that will leave your audience surprised and stunned! With the innovative gimmick, you can perform this incredible trick with ease, while your audience is left guessing how you did it.