Poker Face by Bill Abbott

Direct from his critically acclaimed show, this is the one Bill Abbott uses every single time he walks on stage. With just a single deck of cards, you can read the minds of every single person on stage. This is Poker Face by Bill Abbott.

Back In Business by Kyle Purnell

"This release by Kyle Purnell is simply brilliant... and brilliantly simple. He has created what is destined to become a classic method for some killer effects. It's as good as it gets." -David Regal

Leviosa by Joao Miranda & Julio Montoro

"When I saw the effect in video, I couldn't believe it. When Julio and Joao explained me the workings I couldn't believe the method! LEVIOSA creates a new conception in the universe of the Haunted Deck." - Luis Olmedo (FISM WORLD CHAMPION IN MICRO MAGIC 2022)

Empty by Louis Vega

What if? You present yourself on a table or a stage or a street show... Take out a paper bag, unfold it, show it front and back and then very make a glass of water or any small object appear!