Masterclass Live – Richard Turner

A magic icon shares some of his best secrets in this epic Masterclass that is required viewing for any serious card magician. Over 4 hours of incredible content from a true legend that you can download and start watching instantly!

Java by Peter Eggink

Strong, visual magic performed with everyday objects is every magician's dream. JAVA by Peter Eggink provides an organic, original concept to re-create some well known plots in magic. Your coffee cup is your new secret weapon to blow your spectators away with the most visual effects you can imagine.

Think Alike by A.K. Dutt

A blank deck (approx. 40 cards) is spread on the table and a volunteer is asked to select a number between 1 - 40. The magician counts the cards and takes out the card at the selected number and

A Cheater’s Dream by Astor

Martin Lewis's routine is the most powerful poker dealing demonstration I ever seen. As a first effect even the cards of the 25 cards pile are shuffled randomly face up with face down cards, dealing five poker hands the spectators realizes

People Power by Andi Gladwin

Andi Gladwin shares one of his most cherished routines!" People Power" is an engaging, show-tested parlor and stage routine that epitomizes the idea of pack flat, play huge. Upon first glance, you'd never believe that the singular slim folder you receive can be used for a