Ritual by Dan Harlan

Dan Harlan returns with an impactful effect you can perform anytime, anywhere. Your spectator imbues all of their negative energy and emotion into three ordinary wooden beads, which then pass through the cord of a necklace as though they were made of smoke. This isn’t your

Celebrity Sighting by Mysterion

From a selection of 40 famous celebrity faces a spectator looks at and thinks of just one. The mentalist is able to instantly reveal their choice and as the kicker reveal their prediction printed in advance.

Thompson Change by Steve Thompson

Using virtually no sleight of hand, you can transform a bill at your fingertips like real magic. It works with bills of any size or value. You can even perform the change with a piece of paper and have it visually print into a bill.

Rainbow Hole by Tango

"Woow! This looks like a camera trick but in real life! Top Notch quality coins and really easy tutorial and fun to learn! Love this! Tango did it again!!" - Martin Braessas

Sequence by Rich Relish and The 1914

Rich Relish is back with a brand new, baffling wallet mentalism masterpiece. With just three simple, examinable cards in your wallet, you will be able to demonstrate a myriad of mentalism skills in a structured, three-phase routine that will work in any language.

Benjamin Earl – The Family – August 2023

Are you watching Closely – Above The Below Technical Masterclass: Break Management What If: Performance/Explanation/Director’s Commentary Stepping Stones: Performance/Explanation/Director’s Commentary The Family Podcast August 2023 In conversation feat. Daniel Garcia