The LID by Ebby Tones

This is "The LID". A visual effect using the tuck on the card box With "The LID" you can create multiple amazing effects such as transformation, teleportation, or changes

Gambit by Tony Anverdi

Anverdi's Gambit is a perfect add-on for Anverdi's Mental Dice Set. Anverdi's Gambit is 4 beautiful chess pieces (Ebony and Ivory colors) precision-made to hold the Anverdi Dice inside them.

Y Wand by MS Magic

Introducing a brand new color changing wand effect created by magic champion, Mr. Y. This very special wand allows you to

Invisible Soul by Adrian Vega

Perform an incredibly direct piece of magic with almost no moves, and leave your audience with no explanation. The card the name is the only face-up card in the deck, and it’s a different color than the rest of the deck. Before you move on because you think you have this trick in your drawer, you should know that the rest of the cards are blank. This is Invisible Soul presented by Adrian Vega.

Holy Trap! by Dr. Cyril Thomas

"Holy trap is so visual and unique. And the method is Fantastic and also the Cross shape makes this routine more impossible. Highly recommended!!!" - Jeki Yoo

Clase Online por Roberto Mansilla (Clase 4)

Clase 4. Clases Online con efectos explicados en detalle, consejos, aspectos teóricos y reflexiones. La idea es que con cada clase que veas no solo aprendas un truco nuevo y potente, sino que te adentres un poco más de esta disciplina maravillosa.