Looper by Hunter

Looper by Hunter LOOPER is a sleek, elegant and ordinary looking ring box that allows you to do miracles. The box does all the work. Essentially the same technology as a locking Himber wallet applied to a ring box. You can: Make a ring vanish Make a ring appear Two rings visually transpose Ring visually shrinks Ring visually grows to impossible location and more!

UNLOAD 2.0 RED by Anthony Stan

UNLOAD 2.0 RED by Anthony Stan Discover a tool that you can use every day to realize a lot of different effects! For example, imagine a freely selected card by the spectator. The card is signed and lost in the middle of the deck. The entire deck is put in the card case. And now, you are able to make all the cards vanish except the selected and signed card. The spectator can open the box and see only one card, his signed card!

Open Warp by Zoyu

Open Warp by Zoyu Card Warp is a classic plot in card magic. It was first introduced by Roy Walton in 1973, visual and powerful. Now Zoyu brings you his variation, Open Warp. Without folding any cards, you can make one card turn completely over, and visually back again in a blink. It's perfect for live performances and the Internet!

Haunted cigs by Ebbytones

Haunted cigs by Ebbytones "HAUNTED CIGS" is a visual rising cigarette effect, Very unique and very easy to do Which is: No magnet NO thread No elastic No IT No pull or roll And the performance can be surrounded With a unique method Simple and practical, Can do it anywhere anytime.. LEARN NOW!!

Stealth Aces by John Carey

Stealth Aces by John Carey Stealth Aces is John Carey's favorite four ace trick, and it's soon to be yours! Imagine this: you're sat at the card table with three friends, you deal everyone a hand, openly showing the fronts and backs of every card.

Flight Of The Kings by Paul Gordon

Flight Of The Kings by Paul Gordon 1. Coincidence: Four freely chosen cards turn out to be the 4 kings. 2. Miracle: Those four kings invisibly fly from 4 random places in the deck to your pockets.

Article 52 Book by Paul Gordon

Article 52 Book by Paul Gordon Well, I know I said Quidnunc was to be my last book, but I just couldn't help myself! The last two years have been really creative ones for me and the result is Article 52. Excuse immodesty, but it really is chock-full of killers! Article 52 includes my new handling of my Head To Head Poker (from Gold Dust) wherein the spectator FREELY shuffles the cards. But, Article 52 contains nearly 60 NEW tricks.