Buyer’s Remorse by George Iglesias

Buyer's Remorse by George Iglesias Have you ever bought something and then wish you hadn't? It happens to all of us! Buyer's Remorse is a new trick that'll help you fix that situation in a blink of an eye! Now you can transform any paper receipt into a bunch of bills and it works with any currency!

Phoenix by Petert Samelson

Phoenix by Petert Samelson A Classic Made Modern Gone are the days where magicians would borrow a mans cotton handkerchief from an audience member, but that did not stop Peter Samelson from perfecting a classic piece of magic for modern audiences. As a part of Peters working repertoire for the past 30 years The Phoenix doubles as both a formal masterpiece for the stage and as an "anytime, anywhere" impromptu close- up worker.

PUTAR 2 by SaysevenT

PUTAR 2 by SaysevenT I challange my self to spin a double card not on the deck, but on somewhere ! Two years experience make that can be reality to do a double card spin quickly on table. I have a recipe how to make that perfect spin on table. And this only using your skill,not a gaff or something to make that sticky.