Inevitable Choice by Christian Grace

Inevitable Choice by Christian Grace Seemingly rob a spectator of their free will. Despite them making every decision, their final choice is ultimately inevitable. “Inevitable Choice” from Christian Grace allows a spectator to impossibly find their own card in a true “needle in the haystack” type moment that is surprisingly easy to perform.

The VS Project by Paul Pickford

The VS Project by Paul Pickford Alakazam Magic are truly proud to offer the magic fraternity the underground card magic of Paul Pickford. The VS Project showcases some of Paul's outstanding card creations, his approach to sleight of hand, the psychology of timing and misdirection as well as his interpretation of some classic effects.

Mo-Fly by Moritz Mueller

Mo-Fly by Moritz Mueller "That's amazing!" -Ellen Degeneres Don’t let his fresh-faced age fool you, because his coin work certainly will. Moritz has taken a classic plot in coin magic (Visible Coins Across at the Fingertips) and put his own unique twist on it. Using just a shell, his routine packs a lot of visual, eye-popping magic into a complete routine with no difficult or unusual sleights.