The Identity Deck by Phill Smith

Introducing the incredible Identity Deck from Phill Smith. Each playing card in the deck has on its face a different personality archetype, a different iconic image, and a different background. The deck is rich with meaning, and perfect for combining visual magic with quick punchy personality readings.

EZ Oil and Water by Nathan Kranzo

EZ Oil and Water by Nathan Kranzo The Kranzilla is back with the easiest oil and water you’ve ever seen. Nathan Kranzo has taken the classic effect oil and water and made it so easy, that you can have the spectators mix the cards and then perform the entire effect without the magician doing a thing. This powerful version of the oil and water plot is as fair as it gets.

Slob by Simon Lovell & Kaymar Magic

Slob by Simon Lovell & Kaymar Magic SO WHAT IS SLOB? Simon Lovell's Oblique Brainwave! A spectator deals through the deck face up, stopping on a card he feels good about. This card is instantly shown to be of a different color back from the rest of the deck. He can even take the card away as a souvenir if he wishes!

Impact Gum by Patricio Teran

Impact Gum by Patricio Teran Once again Patricio Terán brings us another original and incredible effect, where a chewing gum is taken out from its box and then thrown back into its box as if nothing had happened. It's an effect to perform in any situation. In the explanatory video, there are many variations, resettable as many times as you want. The performance of this miracle takes just five minutes. To make it, probably you need additional materials

Legacy of Annemann with Docc Hilford

Legacy of Annemann with Docc Hilford This is a unique mentalism product, even among those special products aimed at professionals. Learning this material is like standing on the shoulders of a giant who is standing on the shoulders of another giant.

Buyer’s Remorse by George Iglesias

Buyer's Remorse by George Iglesias Have you ever bought something and then wish you hadn't? It happens to all of us! Buyer's Remorse is a new trick that'll help you fix that situation in a blink of an eye! Now you can transform any paper receipt into a bunch of bills and it works with any currency!