Article 52 Book by Paul Gordon

Article 52 Book by Paul Gordon Well, I know I said Quidnunc was to be my last book, but I just couldn't help myself! The last two years have been really creative ones for me and the result is Article 52. Excuse immodesty, but it really is chock-full of killers! Article 52 includes my new handling of my Head To Head Poker (from Gold Dust) wherein the spectator FREELY shuffles the cards. But, Article 52 contains nearly 60 NEW tricks.

Timelapse by Mario Tarasini

Timelapse by Mario Tarasini Effect: The magician puts a black sticker on the card box. The sticker is covered with a card and it disappears! That's not all ... The sticker after a while magically appears on the card! Gimmick is easy to make, but don't be fooled… Although the trick is simple, but very visual.

Transfer by Alexander Marsh

Transfer by Alexander Marsh Money flies INVISIBLY from your hand, to your spectator's TIGHTLY CLENCHED FIST. The entire bar erupts into applause and you barely get out of there with your clothes intact.

Real World ACAAN by Jonathan Royle

Real World ACAAN by Jonathan Royle The short video performance on this page is a true and accurate recording of exactly what your audience and also those participating in this ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number) experiment will perceive and witness when you perform this remarkable routine.