All New Cig Thru Card by Mark Mason

All New Cig Thru Card by Mark Mason A card is selected, shown and placed face-down on top of the deck. Now turn the penetrated card over so they can see the cigarette passing through the card. Show BOTH sides of the card with the cigarette pushed through! Turn the card back over and remove the cigarette. Now hand the card out for examination!

Inner Origami by Jeff Prace

Inner Origami by Jeff Prace A piece of paper written with the word "bird" is placed inside a glass bottle. When shaken, the paper takes the shape of an origami dove. Uncovered, fully in sight !!!

RHO by Joe Rindfleisch

RHO by Joe Rindfleisch You will do things nobody believes. For a moment they'll assume it's a camera trick, because their brains are going to tell them it can't be possible... but then... slowly.... they realize.... THEY'RE NOT WATCHING A VIDEO.

Corner Watch by Theo Lemaire

Corner Watch by Theo Lemaire Arteco production est fière de vous présenter sa dernière création. Son jeune créateur Théo LEMAIRE gagnant du concours ARTECO PRODUCTION nous à proposer son prototype et nous avons été sous le charme instantanément.

Bending Glass by Sorcier

Bending Glass by Sorcier A glass goblet is shown and examined by a spectator. The glass is solid and robust. Now the magician begins to focus on it and slowly the stem of the same glass begins to slowly bend with the strength of the mind. At the end of the performance, when it is almost bent 90 degrees, it is left folded on the table upside down.

Multy-Shift by Cody Nottingham

Multy-Shift by Cody Nottingham Learn how to control multiple cards to the top of the deck… with one simple move. From Cody Nottingham comes Multy-shift, a phenomenal control that allows you to shift one to multiple cards to the top of the pack. This is a simple, undetectable move that is done before the spectator can even blink.

Trap Vanish by Sultan Orazaly

Trap Vanish by Sultan Orazaly A practical, visually stunning vanish that will make your audience scream. A tool you can carry with your everyday deck. Imagine , A selected card is framed between two cards and instantly, visually, flashes into nothingness...