Peter Turner’s The S.T.E.M.System

Peter Turner's The S.T.E.M.System Peter Turner has been privileged to work on television, radio and live shows around the world as a consultant, expert and off screen advisor to some of the biggest names in our industry. Peter finally reveals to you the secrets and techniques used behind the scenes to make those performers' performances look miraculous.

Docc Hilford Dream Book

Docc Hilford Dream Book ORIGINAL DREAM BOOK is a full 30 – 45 minute act, that builds the illusion that YOU know a subject’s dream images – what it means – and the lucky numbers associated with it. Follow the description of the routine carefully. EFFECT: The mentalist explains he is a living Dream Book.

Big Revelation by Wayne Dobson

Big Revelation by Wayne Dobson Wayne has come up with a winner that you will be sure to use time and time again. You ask a spectator to THINK of ANY card in a deck (no force of any kind). You remove from your pocket a piece of paper showing a list of card values (no suits) which you ask them to concentrate on. You unfold the paper claiming that you can reveal the identity of the thought of card by asking a series of questions.

Distancia by Les French Twins

Distancia by Les French Twins Real Power FEEL LIKE A SUPERHERO Over 2 years in development, Distancia was built from scratch to give you real power at your command. Make a coin stand up and TURN OVER on its own in the spectator’s hands - while a glass is covering all sides. Have a deck of cards PHYSICALLY cut to a selected card on the table all by itself; and so much more. Distancia was engineered from scratch with ultra-premium materials. It’s more powerful, more durable, and more effective than anything else on the market.

4th Dimension by Yoo Hyun Min (Zeki)

4th Dimension by Yoo Hyun Min (Zeki) Visual and Unique Magic from Yoo Hyun Min, 2011 FISM Asia Close-Up Grand Prix Winner. (Effect) A solid red ball VISUALLY appears from a thin, flat sheet of black plastic, and then the ball VISUALLY returns into the thin, flat sheet!