Torce Force by Jamie Daws

Torce Force by Jamie Daws "Clean, Clever and Direct! i love it!!" -Dan Hauss "Torce is a very clever utility move that can be applied to many effects. It's well worth learning because you then have the know how to perform a strong piece of impromptu mentalism. Well done to Jamie for releasing this!" -Angelo Carbone

4 to 1 Transpo by Patrick Kun

4 to 1 Transpo by Patrick Kun A visual transposition of 4 Kings and the selection that happens right under the spectator's hand. The routine is completely impromptu and can be done with the card signed. The routine is direct and straight forward and you'll be performing 4 to 1 Transpo in no time.

CHECKING by Lin Kim Tung

CHECKING by Lin Kim Tung You show a blank piece of paper on both sides, and instantly, it changes into real money! You can note that both hands are clearly empty at all times. This trick works with any currency. The paper visibly, with no cover, changes to a bill which is immediately shown on both sides. The third prize of FISM ASIA winner Lin Kin Tung makes the imagination become to reality!

The Second Deal 2.0 by Alex Pandrea

The Second Deal 2.0 by Alex Pandrea If you’re looking to really up your game with cards, there’s no doubt that learning to master the second deal will do just that. This latest DVD from Alex Pandrea is an absolute must for any cardician. The second deal is one of the most coveted moves in card magic and one of the most highly regarded false deals in the world of close-up; getting it right can takes years of hard practice. In this DVD,

Gene Maze and Meir Yedid – Catch Me and Win

Gene Maze and Meir Yedid - Catch Me and Win Gene Maze’s “Catch Me & Win” brilliantly combines a classic “Fast & Loose” (or Endless Chain) style effect with the infamous Three Shell Game and Three Card Monte scams to create a remarkably engaging gambling routine that makes sense and can be easily experienced in both a close-up magic environment and larger parlor magic scenario.

Whitewash by Rick Lax

Whitewash by Rick Lax After years of absence, the #1 MOST OPTICALLY STUNNING DECK TRANSFORMATION is back in stock, and better than ever. A full deck of red Bicycle plays cards INSTANTLY MUTATES in the incredible, visually jarring way imaginable. The cards’ backs and faces turn stark white—every last one of them. And after the change, you can show the deck in the fairest way possible.