The Truth by Daniel Prado

Daniel Prado is a lifelong student of the art of magic. Anyone familiar with his other effects like the “Peregrine Pass” or “The Cloak” will have already experienced the unrivaled level of thought Daniel puts into every aspect of his routines.

Paraphrasing Simon Aronson, Daniel believes that a true magical moment is one where an audience is left with the certainty that the impossible happened. They must believe that you just made something happen that shouldn’t be able to be done.

Unfortunately, though, the odd-looking props magicians sometimes use can be detrimental to this concept of impossibility. The Chop Cup is definitely one of the biggest culprits. Don’t get us wrong, we love Chop Cup and Cups and Balls Routines. However, it’s undeniable that the standard crochet balls and metal cups often look like magic props.

Using completely normal looking props—a paper cup and a rolled up piece of napkin—Daniel has created an amazingly natural Chop Cup routine. We say “normal looking” because, despite its unassuming appearance, “The Truth” still secretly disguises all the sneaky bits you need to do nearly all of your favorite Chop Cup phases. You’ll love how clever “The Truth” is. It’s a true magician fooler because unlike other Chop Cup routines, the necessary gimmicks can be added on and removed at will.

Can you really borrow the cup? The unique nature of “The Truth” means it it works with most paper cups. This means, as long as you can get a quick glance to verify the cup will work ahead of time, you can even borrow the cup. The gimmicks are quickly and invisibly added in before you even begin anything. If you visit a particular coffee shop all the time, you can even build a gimmick specifically for their style of cups.

In this nearly one-hour download, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create “The Truth.” We want to be honest with you that it will take around 15 to 20 minutes to make. But, it’s well worth the effort and, once you’ve built it, you’re good to go for countless performances.

The comprehensive tutorial provides a detailed construction guide and a full routine. As a special bonus, you’re also treated to a deep dive into the history of the Chop Cup. You’ll explore the psychology of this beloved effect and uncover what truly makes it so powerful.

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