Twisted Triumph by Makoto Halverson

“It’s the only Triumph I’d actually do” — Tyler Rabbit “Coin Magic Underground” “That was great! Got me” — Eric Evans “Secret Art of Magic” The magician cuts the pack in two and turns one half face up. They shuffle…

Fate by Joseph B

Do as I Do under impossible conditions. It looks very fair An impossible coincidence, a powerful mental effect. Two regular and shuffled decks! Really simple and fun to do.

Delete By Daniel Chard

BONUS VIDEO Featuring new applications now included. If you've already bought "Delete" it's waiting in your Penguin Magic Library. "Very slick. Your sleight of hand is soft and undetectable. Huzzah." - Doc Eason

Eagle by Will Fern

Quite simply the cleanest vanish and reproduction of a single coin you will ever see. Will Fern has made a name for himself as an award-winning close-up magician working for some of the biggest corporations in the world.

ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz (Chapter 02)

The Impossible ACAAN - With 2 Decks In lesson 2 of the ACAAN Project, Dani Daortiz begins to take you inside his pillars of magic that allow you to mold your spectator’s mind as though it were clay in your hands.