Return Flight by Rick Lax

Return Flight by Rick Lax "You NEVER do the same trick twice, unless it's this one." -Rick Lax This one's not an instant download. We're going to send you a little something you need, but boy-oh-boy is it worth it.

Floating cube by MaxMagie

ating cube by MaxMagie – Free Download A cube float in the air by magic. No strings No hole No gimmick Impromptu Easy to do You can borrowed the cube Cool to do Anyways enjoy your new trick

Promotion by Kyle Purnell

Promotion by Kyle Purnell – Free Download Remove a normal five dollar bill from your wallet, or even borrow one from a spectator. Have it signed. VISUALLY CHANGE IT INTO A TWENTY DOLLAR BILL! A moment later, hand the just changed twenty out to be examined...THEIR SIGNATURE STILL ACROSS THE BILL!

Out of Sleight by Cameron Francis

Out of Sleight by Cameron Francis – Free Download Ten incredible full routines that require NO SLEIGHT OF HAND! Zero Sleights, 100% AWESOME! Employing both ingenious construction and the cleverest of devious methods, the material in 'Out Of Sleight' requires no sleight of hand skills,

Luke Jermay – Jermay Presents SHAY KAHN

uke Jermay - Jermay Presents SHAY KAHN – Free Download A special live virtual event, November 20th, 8pm U.K time. Over the years Jermay has developed friendships with some of the most interesting and impressive mentalists and mystery entertainers on earth. Now is the time for you to meet them!

Reduction by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds

Reduction by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds – Free Download Every once in a while a principle is discovered. Reduction is a revolutionized approach to achieve a classic plot in magic. From the mind of Nicholas Lawrence, a devious method was invented to perform a visual diminishing effect with no gimmick at all. Imagine pulling a deck of card of out the box and leaving it on the table. You have the spectator select a suite. As you place your fingers on top of the deck and gently rub the cards, the thickness of the deck slowly gets thinner and thinner.