Decisions by Mozique

Decisions is the perfect effect for mentalists searching for a simple, direct and clean demonstration of your ability to predict human behavior.

The Legacy of Phantini with Richard Osterlind

"Phantini released some of the most overlooked and powerful mentalism. Those original booklets found a permanent home in my library and are a constant source of inspiration. I'm excited that Richard Osterlind is bringing some of this material to a whole new generation of Mentalists. If you know Richard Osterlind, you already know what a great teacher he is. Don't miss this one!" - Patrick Redford

ACAAN Automated by Joseph B

Automated Acaan is an impressive effect. NO MEMORY! NO MATH! INSTANT RESET! A new strategy to perform the legendary acaan effect. A new principle that will allow you to make a surprising effect without sleight of hand,

Dani DaOrtiz – Connected

Here's something as timely as it is fascinating: Dani DaOrtiz has designed an entire collection of card material...for Zoom performances! In these unusual times, we need hard-hitting material that can be done by video-conferencing remotely,

Lost Classics by Richard Osterlind

Richard Osterlind has been sifting through histories mysteries to breathe new life into some lost classics of mentalism and mind-reading. Acidus Novus by Millard Longman: THE underground mind-reading secret used by professionals, finally taught on video. Learn to read what’s…