Benjamin Barnes LIVE(Penguin Live)

What will he teach?

Nous Savons- An unbelievable card location that defies explanation.

Ambitious Card- Everyone knows the effect Benjamin shares a way to perform it so that it is increasingly more impossible as the routine progresses. And it ends in their hands.

Top Change- Eugene Burger’s Fabulous Effect Improved. Spectator selects a card, another spectator tries to find it.

Dropsy Diddle- Benjamin’s approach To Eddie Field’s Wonderful Effect. 

The Moving Pencil- A interesting method to find a selected card, but you will find this has a ton of uses.

Rosini Double Reverse- Two chosen cards are reversed in the deck in an amazing demonstration of pure sleight of hand. 

The Impossible Force- Is the best force I have ever seen and I have used this force to fool many of the world’s top magicians.

Who is he?

Benjamin Barnes is the Entertainment Director of the Chicago Magic Lounge and was the producer and creator of the longest running magic show in Chicago history, Magic Chicago. In addition to his role as Entertainment Director at the Chicago Magic Lounge, he is a renowned performer of close-up magic.  He regularly appears at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, Jeff McBride’s Wonderground in Las Vegas and at upscale corporate events nationwide.

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