Beyond Reform by Matthew Wright

Beyond Reform is a super visual, super easy to do, torn and restored card unlike anything else before it. An incredible mis-made card restoration signed by 4 different people and restored in a unique and unforgettable way.

The Long and Short Of It by David Regal

THE LONG & SHORT OF IT is not a card trick. THE LONG & SHORT OF IT is not a coin trick. THE LONG & SHORT OF IT is David Regal's magical explosion of the classic boomerang illusion, a complete performance piece packed with amazement and amusement,

Card Under Anywhere Wallet by Matthew Wright

It’s a difficult routine to perform without the space of a bar, and nearly impossible to perform without a table, until now. Matthew Wright has been performing versions of the card under glass plot for decades. This project takes all the impact of it,

Last Word by Justin Miller

Justin Miller Last Word - Imagine being able to take someone, anyone, to the very point of their own death, the very minute and second right before they die.