Curiosity by Raven

A deck of cards shuffled by the spectator ... A mysterious sealed envelope out of the magician's pocket ... The spectator lays out the deck of cards himself and concentrates on saying where the envelope should be inserted (between which cards).

Hole Change by Aurélio Ferreira

Hole change is a very visual effect using two playing cards. A hole teleports quickly between the two cards. instant reset Very Visual Great for social networks and real-life download this great effect now!

My Name Is by Julio Montoro

"My Name Is" by Julio Montoro is a unique and powerful effect utilizing easily-recognizable name tags. It's a very natural moment that doesn't feel like a magic trick right up until the surprise happens.

The Wormhole by Pipo Villanueva

This routine is the closer of my formal close-up and parlor magic show. It is one of the strongest pieces of magic I ever came up with. It is a very magical, memorable, and practical routine.


Camouflage created by Magic Cat Myung-Jun Lee. It's a handmade product. "I have been using and teaching for a long time. The system that has been developed in the camouflage contained all. In social media content and stage magic, It can present strong effects and visual phenomena."

Chaos Project Vol1 By Dani DaOrtiz

Dani DaOrtiz is a modern master of chaotic card magic. His fascination with Chaos has become a superpower that appears to remove all control from the magician’s hands. The concept of chaos can be used to transform how the spectator receives an effect. It can be used to develop forcing strategies, controls, and even how they select thought of cards.