Readings & Intuition Workshop by Anthem Flint

Enjoy this replay of our Readings and Intuition workshop! Over three hours of Grade- A information on this enigmatic topic! It includes our Visualizations and Affirmations for intuition which have been getting amazing feedback from the attendees!

This is going to change your perspective on psychic entertainment forever!

Join Anthem and Aria to learn the inner secrets of mastering readings and intuition! In this 2 part workshop, Anthem and Aria cover everything you need to know to either get started in giving readings, or to take your readings to a new, more impactful, level!


You know how to read minds with all the great mentalism techniques you’ve learned over the years, but you want to make your mentalism more impactful, exciting, emotional, and memorable. Nothing can step up all these factors in your performance like a well placed and well executed reading.

Unfortunately, there is so much confusion as to what readings are and should be for mystery entertainers! Is it just memorized stock lines and Barnum statements? Is it memorizing the meanings of all the tarot cards or lines on the palm? Is it using letter or number based systems to interpret the names and birthdays of your spectator?

Anthem and Aria want to clear the confusion and explain exactly how to apply readings in your own work in a way that feels natural and easy to you!

You will learn…
-What readings are and what they should look and feel like for your spectators.
-The #1 mistake mentalists and magicians make when giving readings.
-How to get good at giving readings.
-Systems and techniques that impact your spectator every time.
-Ways to make your current routines into psychic experiences with readings.
-How to connect and amaze anyone at any time with absolutely nothing at all.
-How to use readings to bring more fun and meaning into your own life.

To close out the Readings section of the workshop, Anthem and Aria will take any and all questions about the topic to ensure you get the inspiration and help you need!


Have you ever had an intuitive experience while you perform?

That moment when, without any magical apparatus or technique, you are able to reveal an important piece of information about your spectator?

Some of those reading this will think, ‘Yes’. Some will think “No”. At least one person reading this used to have lots of these experiences when they performed, and now aren’t experiencing it as often.

Anthem and Aria are both experts of intuitive performance who have learned specific mental techniques and theatrical techniques that make these impossible intuitive moments happen all the time!

If you’ve never experienced an intuitive flash in performance you may wonder what it’s like or if it really happens. Ask any professional mentalist or reader about these kinds of experiences and they will regale you with stories of when they had amazing intuitive flashes. It is a feeling of inspiration and electric knowing, and once your lips reveal the secret knowledge you have just tapped into, your audience will more often than not be stunned into a silence or exuberant surprise!

-Reveal names, dates, star signs, and much more with nothing written down.
-Learn how to make your misses into hits.
-Learn the same visualization techniques Anthem and Aria use to prepare their intuition for performance.
-Learn how to identify an intuitive flash in your mind.
-Learn how to let your intuition take control.
-Learn how Anthem and Aria make room for intuition in their performances!

So if you are ready to peer behind the curtain of the Psychic Soulmates, and unlock your own inner magic through readings and Intuition, sign up for the workshop now!

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