The Faraday Pad by Infinity & TCC

Produced by D.

We are proud to introduce you our new brand today: Infinity.

Infinity is a sub-brand by TCC Magic.

Infinity is a brand-new technology magic brand full of exploration and breakthroughs.

The first project is the one you will see next: The Faraday Pad.

About the Faraday Pad

At its most basic, you may call it a multi-function, high-tech close-up pad.

We have hidden the device under an unbelievably ordinary-looking Close-up Pad. It acts as a stage where you can showcase your most incredible magic.

Key Information:

  • Standby time exceeds 12 hours on a single charge;
  • Industrial-grade mold and highly integrated design;
  • Ergonomic remote control for comfortable handling. Concave power button and convex function buttons for sightless operation. Completely silent membrane buttons;
  • 10 meters remote control range suitable for most performance situations;
  • Removable design. The black box unit can be used independently for different performance situations.

What you can do?

Let’s use a specific example to illustrate.

A dice with an initial probability of 1 in 6, now becomes 100%. Whether you or the audience member rolls the dice, it will still hit your desired outcome 100% of the time.

In other words, any magic routines that involve obtaining numbers from dice would no longer pose a problem for you.

Any Card At Any Number, number matrix, add a number or any kind of number force, you’ll handle the outcomes easily.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Due to the unique design of the close-up pad, you can do much more: telekinesis, animation, and other mental or visual effects. You can make cigarettes move and roll, let coins flip and jump, control the result of a coin toss, and even bring little origami animals to life.

You can do all these unbelievable things on this single close-up pad:

  • The Dice Control
  • Jumping Coins
  • Stopping Spoon
  • The Voodoo
  • Moving Frog
  • Moving Cigarette
  • Haunted Deck
  • Haunted Pendulum
  • Spirit Bell

and so on…

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