Universal Sudden Deck by David Regal

The best way to produce a deck of cards just got even better. A blank unfolded card box prints itself. Then the box gets folded up, and an entire deck of cards appears inside with just a snap of the fingers. Now, you are no longer limited to a Bicycle deck, and now you can use any design deck that you like to use. Print Tally-Ho, Bee, DMC Elites, Butterfly, any deck design you can instantly print on the blank card box. This is Universal Sudden Deck by David Regal.

Steal by Jamie Daws

“That’s brilliant and such a simple idea which makes it even stronger, especially letting them keep the billet. I know I will be using this. Great job!” Mark Bennett (Smoke & Mirrors Magic Theatre)

Easy Aces by Martin Braessas

"Wow! What a great trick! This has to be one of the easiest ways to produce the four aces from a shuffled deck. And it has a surprise kicker ending." - John George, International Champion of Magic "Wow, I love Easy aces! Everything is very very clean, and it's a super magical and visual way to start a routine. Oh and you don't want to miss the Bonus effect is just awesome!" - Marcelo Insua - Tango

Miracle One by Christian Grace

Wildly fooling. Insanely fair. A ton of fun. "Miracle One" by Christian Grace and Vanishing Inc. is an incredibly creative take on an idea magicians have obsessed about for decades. It is one of the most deceptive ways ever offered for having a chosen card appear at a freely-selected number in a deck of cards.

Watch Steal by James Brown

Learn to steal a watch (for entertainment purposes only)... You will have to give it back. James Brown, master of misdirection and a professional pickpocket, will show you how to steal a watch straight from someone's wrist.

Shoe Business 3.0 by Scott Alexander And Puck

This routine follows the same hilarious premise as Scott & Puck's original Shoe Business 1 and 2, only this time, your personal assistant leads the laughter. This special Alex-A-Con version boasts a brand new method to accomplish the magic with a totally unexpected climax that will have everyone laughing and surprised.

Case Dismissed by Mark Mason

A BRILLIANT OPENING EFFECT. It looks so magical. Never remove your cards from the box, Just make the card case DISAPPEAR! This hand-built gimmick is creating a real buzz around the magic world.

I.M.P. by Sultan Orazaly

Visual magic is only memorable when your spectator gets to keep a physical reminder of the impossible moment. I.M.P. is the ultimate answer to the question: can you bring up money?