C.T.C. 3.0 (Card Through Card) by Kenneth Costa

After C.T.C 1.0 and 2.0 versions, now you can experience the newer and better 3.0 version.
It’s a very visual and clean effect and your spectators will be really shocked. You can carry it in your pocket and do it anywhere and anytime.

“That’s a really good trick” – Rizki Nanda

“What the hell dude! looks very real and so beautiful.! It will be a favorite magic in my pocket, okay, but it’s beautiful, I like it.” – Esya Gumelar

“It’s very smooth and clean, you can see it really cuts through the card. I like it, it’s very smart.” – Alex Soza

“good job friend, i also wanted to try this effect, it’s very visual and amazing, oh what a brilliant method. I like that.” – Asmadi

Quick and easy to build, video explained step by step of the routine.

Additional idea at the end of the video.

Download right now!

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