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Endless by Iñaki Zabaletta & Vernet Magic

Want to make a splash? Command attention before you even start performing your first card trick? Well "Endless" helps you do just that. It offers a visual and thrilling way to introduce a deck of cards, while also providing a great callback kicker that can tie together longer routines.

Barnløs by Rune Klan

Celebrate the greatest magic show you may have never even heard of. In his native land of Denmark, Rune Klan is a mega-star. He can't walk down the street without being stopped for autographs or photos. Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin have also said on numerous occasions that Rune Klan is quite possibly one of the best magicians alive.

Magic Wine Wand by Tora Magic

Produced and designed by Tora Magic Company The fairy made the spring wine with her magical wand of fairy dust. An incredible fusion of real life with a hint of magic.

Rosen Roy Martini Glass by Rosen Roy

The Rosen Roy Martini Glass brings a brand-new name to cocktail craftsmanship with an added touch of magic. Designed by master glass magician Rosen Roy, this one-of-a-kind glass is unbreakable, remarkable, versatile.

3 Flower Pots From Frame by Tora Magic

The illusionist shows a panel on both sides. He puts it on the floor and a moment later he makes a giant vase of flowers appear from behind it.This impossible production is repeated two more times, so as to produce 3 vases full of flowers!

Perfect Power Reel by Himitsu Magic

Perfect Power Reel animates a scarf in ways your audience has never seen! It allows the scarf to quickly fly to and from parts of your body or hands, just like gliding. The scarf flows quickly, and then turns into balls, flowers, or whatever you'd like.

Lost Classics by Richard Osterlind

Richard Osterlind has been sifting through histories mysteries to breathe new life into some lost classics of mentalism and mind-reading. Acidus Novus by Millard Longman: THE underground mind-reading secret used by professionals, finally taught on video. Learn to read what’s…

Spray Away by Gustavo Raley

Spray Away by Gustavo Raley Gustavo Raley presents Spray Away, a new funny effect for your shows. Spray Away is a Glade spray manufactured in rubber that gives the illusion of a real deodorizer you can make vanish.