Colorful Magic on Stage by David Ginn

Colorful Magic on Stage!

As I considered a final reprint of my first book, Colorful Magic, I realized that much of that material has never seen the light of video. I spent an hour going through the pages and decided this was my one chance to make that happen. So I started gathering materials, including doves, tricks I have not owned in 35 years, and even the Dragon Box (Thayer Tea Chest) Illusion I sold 15 years ago. The result is a BRAND NEW DVD – Colorful Magic on Stage!

What will you find in this 95 min DVD?

Check out this list:
Instant Rabbit from Hat!Parfait Coke ProductionSponges in My Hat (stage routine)A Big Bundle of Color silk productionJohn Booth Hank Roll explainedCarl Lohrey Triple Flag SprayMy 1965 first TV Dove Act appearanceOne Hand Dove ProductionCarnival RibbonsDove HolderAssistant Dove StealTissue Paper DoveDove Balloon CageBig Silk Quick Appearance20th Century Silks/CaneMultiplying Candles with Big Silk EndingOne Hand Fantasio Candle VanishTriple Tubes Silk RoutineCagey CanisterSquare Circle DiscoveryAbbott’s Tear Apart Dove VanishDoves to RabbitMultiplying Bean CansDragon Box Illusion (Thayer Tea Chest)Bonus: Thayer’s Phantom White Cargo 1930s Illusion (performance only).And maybe a few surprises more.
Important: Most of the material on this DVD has never appeared on any video or DVD. I explain virtually everything on the DVD, but if you own the Colorful Magic book you will understand things even better. Included on the DVD are seven live show clips from 1965-1982; it’s amazing that they even exist!

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