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The Haunted Ring by Arnel Renegado – Free Download

EFFECT 1. A ring is borrowed and you put it inside your finger,with the power of your mind you then make the ring fall or even transfer into your spectators waiting hands or finger. EFFECT 2. You ask your spectator to lay their hand out and place a ring on to their palm. You then place the tip of your finger in to the ring and suddenly, it moves up on to your finger!

MS Modern Intricacies 2 by Yoann.F – Free Download

Yoann is back! 3 years after Modern Intricacies, Yoann is ready to share a new collection of his highly sought after tricks. In this DVD you will find some of the material that he has been using to fool magicians and laymen alike for the past years. The tricks range from intermediate to advanced card handling and all have one thing in common: your audiences will actually see the magic happen... in real time. So grab a deck of cards, warm up your hands and let's dive into the underground magic of Yoann.

Vortex Off the Page by Tom Stone – Free Download

Powerful miracles. Refined over years of performance. Now on video for the first time. A rare opportunity to learn breathtaking miracles from one of magic's top thinkers. On this DVD Tom Stone explores some of the most innovative ideas ever shared on DVD. Prepare to be blown away by amazing methods and effects that are devastating, impossible and most of all entertaining. Included on this DVD are choice selections from his critically acclaimed book Vortex. Learn powerful magic with a variety of everyday objects, cards, and so much more.

Mirage Et Trois 2.0 by Eric Jones – Free Download

In 2004, Eric Jones created a routine where coins appeared, vanished, and traveled from hand to hand in the most visual and magical way possible. He called the routine Mirage Et Trois; in homage to his inspirations, and as a testament to how attractive the dance between spectator, magician, and coins can be.

Peng!! by Gregor Mann – Free Download

Peng!! is a new take on the classic jumping rubberband. On this download you will learn a 3 phase jumping rubberband routine and the effect "Suzie the trained rubberband" where a rubberband jumps onto the spectators selected card.