2021 Sleight-Free Three by Ronald Stroud – Free Download

No Sleight of Hand Required
No Gaffs
A Normal Deck of Cards


Turning 18

A unique hands-off card revelation!

The magician explains he has a prediction card in the deck that he prepared beforehand. The spectator selects a card, loses it in the deck; all without the magician touching the pack. The deck is then spread face down to show there is one face-up Joker amongst them. The Joker is turned over to reveal a number 18 written in marker. The spectator counts down 18 cards in the deck to find their selection. *Note: It does not have to be 18 each performance.

Aces in Spaces

A color changing deck against all odds!

The magician presents a red backed deck and four blue backed Aces from another deck. In an attempt to try an experiment, the magician asks the spectator to place each blue backed Ace in the red backed deck. When the spectator confirms the colors of the cards, the magician shows the deck to now be all blue backed and the four Aces to be red backed; the complete opposite of what they originally observed.

Order in the Court 2.0

A three phase self-working miracle!

The deck is shuffled and cut, then spread face up on the table. After a bit of patter, the magician offers a friendly game to find the Ace of Spades. Through a fair process, the cards are divided amongst the spectator and magician until the magician is left with just one card. The card turns out to be the Ace of Spades. The additional three Aces are now shown to have mysteriously found their way to the top of the deck. As a finale, the entire deck is now revealed to be in numerical order. Seriously! *Note: No deck switch


You will also learn:

False overhand shuffle

False table cut

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