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Past Midnight (3 DVD Set) by Benjamin Earl – Free Download

is proud to release the debut material by one of the best underground card magicians in the world: Benjamin Earl. For years, Ben has been one of Europe's top professional performers and innovative creators. Like many of these quiet achievers, he has previously avoided magicians, conventions and all attempts to get him to share his original material. Until now...

5 Professional Routines by John Carey – Free Download

In this exciting new collection, I present 5 professional card routines for your enjoyment and to add to your repertoires. Each effect has been designed for maximum impact with minimum of work. The effects are extremely strong and being user friendly means you can really focus on the presentation to get the maximum impact.

This is mentalism by Rich Ferguson – Free Download

11 Full-force Mentalism routines that Rich Ferguson builds his career upon. 100% Impromptu. Most have no reset or they reset instantly. Will teach you effects using cards, iPhones, watches, writing, business cards... and nothing at all. How to force your spectator to think of something specific. Deadly ways to reveal such guarded thoughts and premonitions. How to mix magic and mentalism to gain the best of BOTH worlds.