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2021 Jumbo Cap by Magic Action – Free Download

Ever thought of all the magical effects that you can do with a bottle cap? Well, bust out a Jumbo Cap! This is the perfect opener for bar tricks. Instead of a Jumbo Coin for coin routines, we present to you the Jumbo Cap! Now you can bring your coin routine into the bar using bottle caps! Makes sense, yes?

2021 FLAVOR 3D by Marcos Cruz – Free Download

Display a printed flyer of the best-selling appetizer ever and visually bring it to life! We present you FLAVOR 3D, a trick that allows you to surprise your audience by showing a flat figure and then take it to the third dimension, Marcos shows you different ways to do it for social networks or live audiences.

2021 Yu Huihang – Reverse Matrix – Free Download

Singaporean Magician Yu Huihang puts his signature creative spin on a classic of coin magic with “Reverse Matrix”. This very appropriately named effect flips the beloved coin matrix on its head by performing it in reverse. Four coins are openly shown in one corner before instantly traveling under each separate playing card with just a snap of the fingers.

2021 Dice by Alexander Laguna – Free Download

Imagine reading someone's mind without any props needed, Alexander created an effect where you have the freedom to read the mind of any spectator, anywhere at any time. The best part is that this principle can lead to other languages you like, here is the description of the effect.

2021 Klipto by Liam Montier – Free Download

You can't see the coins. You can't feel the coins. But you know what they are! Three borrowed coins are locked in transparent plastic holders, dropped into three ungimmicked envelopes and mixed by the spectator. You can't see the coins. You can't feel the coins. But you instantly know what they are!