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Camera Tricks by Casshan Wallace

Camera Tricks by Casshan Wallace Casshan Wallace immediately found worldwide attention with his rubber band effect Melting Point. With acclaim and buzz surrounding his YouTube and Social Media followers, the most common statement about Casshan's magic is: "That has to be a camera trick".

Voodoo by Liam Montier

Voodoo by Liam Montier Bigblindmedia presents Liam Montier's VOODOO (BBM129) A COMPLETE SELL-OUT AT BLACKPOOL CONVENTION, NOW AVAILABLE WITH FULL DVD INSTRUCTIONS! You draw a stickman onto a business card to represent a victim, which is left in the hands of a spectator.

Never There by Morgan Strebler and SansMinds

Never There by Morgan Strebler and SansMinds What if you have the ability to go back in time and erase your past? From the mind of Morgan Strebler, we present "Never There." Imagine taking a picture with a spectator. But before the spectator wants to post it on any social media platforms, you erase yourself from the photo.

Wordsmyth by Francis Menott

Wordsmyth by Francis Menott Finally you can learn and perform Wordsmyth, the hit trick that fooled Penn & Teller! Wordsmyth is mentalism with fascinating props and an intriguing plot. In an amazing coincidence, a spectator randomly selects a word from a dictionary as participants take randomly selected scrabble tiles from a net bag.