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Restored in Pieces RIP

Restored in Pieces RIP "RIP ROCKS! The gimmick will thrill you, The method is ingeniously simple and powerful. The ideas for possible routines are endless. Finally a smart, powerful and practical ending to any sandwich routine! Get this before I buy up all the stock, sit on it for 10+ years and then sell the lot for a fortune as super rare collectors items!" - Richard Sanders

Swag by Esya G

Swag by Esya G Introducing, the latest "must have" item for every performing magician. A great effect in a seemingly innocent item.

The Revolution Of Card Manipulation by Lee Ang Hsuan

The Revolution Of Card Manipulation by Lee Ang Hsuan Anson Lee (Lee Ang Hsuan) has taken his card manipulation act around the world and entertained tens of thousands of people. His techniques have been recognized by countless magician worldwide. With detailed step by step instructions, "The Revolution of Jumbo Card Manipulation" will take your card manipulation to the next level.

No Explanation by Joseph B

No Explanation by Joseph B With this effect you can not Fool magicinas very badly, but you can fool also memory expert! The method is really subtle and sneaky! Eventually you'll be able to produce a four of a kinde in a truly deceptive way! Everyone will think you have a prodigious memory. I have shown this effect to many magicians and they have all been fooled. NO CLOCKING THE DECK AND NO MARKED CARDS! All of this can be done with a regular deck!

Catch ( I Catch The Card You Think) by Joseph B

Catch ( I Catch The Card You Think) by Joseph B Catch is a truly amazing effect! The spectator thinks of a card and the magician is able to catch it on the fly! There is no way! IT IS ALSO AN IMPOSSIBILE LOCATION! With this routine you can fool many many magician! The method is subtle, as always with JB's effects. A great impact! YOU END CLEAN! You can contruct the gimmick at home, you have all the material at home!

Insane Prediction by Joseph B

Insane Prediction by Joseph B INSANE PREDICTION is a killer effect, absolutely surprising for the spectator ! This effect is full of twists and unexpected endings! The method is sneaky! Very easy to perform, no skill required! ...A perfect ending to your card magic show.

Zenith by David Stone

Zenith by David Stone David Stone is back with the most amazing version of the Card on ceiling ever! But more important, ZENith is just like "Tool", David's last best-seller : Once again the gimmick allows you to perform dozen of different tricks and routines!!!