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2021 CTW by Peter Eggink – Free Download

CTW (Card Through Window) by Peter Eggink One of the most impressive plots in magic is the "Card Through Window" that you've probably seen performed by various celebrity magicians on their TV shows.

2021 The Character Card by Joseph B – Free Download

In this special effect the magician will be able to divine the spectator's day of birth and a card chosen by him, under really impossible conditions! The spectator will be truly surprised twice! Everything is done with a normal deck ! It is really easy to do and it is a Magician Fooler !

Club Sandwich by Andrew Normansell – Free Download

The most visual sandwich effect you will ever OWN!! You show and shuffle a regular deck of cards. Your spectator selects two cards and signs one. Both cards are replaced into the deck. You remove both jokers and flip them face down on top of the deck.

Clones by Jean-Pierre Vallarino – Free Download

Clones by Jean-Pierre Vallarino A new, unique version of the amazing classic, Sympathetic Cards From a borrowed deck, remove 10 cards that you’ll use for your prediction, and isolate them in a glass covered by a silk. You’ll keep them covered until the end of the routine.