Red Vision by Alexander Laguna

Red Vision by Alexander Laguna

Alexander Laguna creates an effect where you can find any chosen playing card from a random borrowed and shuffled deck, while being blindfolded.

Here what happens, the performer introduces a blindfold which is examined, the performer blinds himself and asks the spectator to shuffle the deck, later he creates three separate piles of cards and asks the spectator to select any pile they like. They select any playing card out random and loses their card in the middle of their selected pile and to make this effect impossible the spectator has the freedom to mix the locations of the piles that he created, suddenly the performer being blindfold will find the chosen pile and then the selected playing card in a flash.

The effect is easy to learn, there are no gimmicks or marked deck involved, no sticky stuff, and no special blindfold. You can perform this in every setting, with any deck.

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