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Signed Card In Glass by Jasper Blakeley

Signed Card In Glass by Jasper Blakeley QUOTES " of the best downloads of the year... I LOVE this trick... I genuinely believe this is the best you can spend in magic right now" - Craig Petty

Routines by Guy Hollingworth

Routines by Guy Hollingworth Four years after London Collection came the long awaited publication of Routines. Join Guy as he travels throughout England, elucidating the methods to eight of his most coveted effects. Each routine has been carefully designed to instill a deep sense of wonder in your audience. In addition, you will enjoy Guy's updated thoughts and handlings on the effects within.

Chardistry by Daniel Chard

Chardistry by Daniel Chard Welcome to the brand new DVD 'Chardistry' from the brilliant Daniel Chard. His first release to the magic world was with rsvpmagic under the title 'Chardshark.' This new DVD features 10 stunning routines ranging from very, very easy right through to knuckle busting stuff! Either way, there's something for everyone on this DVD which features live performances and in-depth training that take the DVD to a running time of over 2 hours. Check out the full trailer to see just how great this DVD is.

Miracle Box by Alexander Shulyatsky

Miracle Box by Alexander Shulyatsky When I first saw Killer Card Case by JP Vallarino & Yuri Kaine I fell in love with the idea of a box with a window. I knew for sure that her potential was not 100% revealed, and therefore I took it upon myself to play with her. I present to your attention Miracle Box - a tool that will allow you to perform such

Know It All by Dani DaOrtiz

Know It All by Dani DaOrtiz "The trick is great and the theory is the stuff of miracles." -R. Paul Wilson “I’ve always wanted to know how Dani DaOrtiz’ mind works; how he gets stunning impact from the simplest of card tricks, and how he dances on the line between chaos and confusion. This not just a great trick, but also a lesson in Dani’s methods.”