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Jumpy Toad by Liam Montier

A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD - Liam has taken one of his favourite tricks of all time (Dave Campbell's Leapfrog) and turbocharged it. His brilliant new version is streamlined, efficient, easy-to-do and even more fooling than the (awesome) original!

Plotto by Michael Murray

"This is an amazing effect. Really strong!" - Javier O. "I don't do a lot of mentalism but everything Michael puts out gets my attention. Plotto is another brilliant piece from MM,

Phoenix by Sirus Magic

When you picture most of the torn and restored effects you already know, usually the Magician does the tearing of the card, with four very carefully torn identically shaped pieces, brought together, slowly and carefully to restore them.

Meta-Morph by Axel Vergnaud

Card changes are still viewed today as one of the strongest moments you can offer your audience with just one card. Imagine with a single card, changing the card 4 times visually in front of the audience,

Bluetooth by Sirus Magic

An incredible utility device for card animation effects with a regular deck and your invisible Bluetooth gimmicks. Imagine being able to perform all the following effects

ButterFingers by CoinLudens

butterfingers-noun : a person who regularly drops or fails to keep hold of things. The title is based on the fact how the tricks are super difficult to master where there are high chances of dropping your props multiple times during your practice.

Momentos By Dani DaOrtiz

You can enjoy 2 hours filled with authentic magic, with interviews, anecdotes, tricks with Dani DaOrtiz and friends like Magician Migue, Matias Goldman, Christian Engblom, Miguel Angel Gea, Angel Azar, Juan Escolano, Seth Engstrom, amongst others. Furthermore,

Easily Influenced by Daryl

Easily Influenced by FISM winner Daryl is an extremely visual effect that is incredibly easy to perform! Two cards are randomly selected from an ordinary, shuffled deck by the spectator.