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A Lot of Trouble by Joshua Jay

Create the perfect poker hand by slowly and visually changing five cards into a Royal Flush! This features Marlo's Double Change, one of the slickest and most overlooked color changes in magic!

ACAAN Automated by Joseph B

Automated Acaan is an impressive effect. NO MEMORY! NO MATH! INSTANT RESET! A new strategy to perform the legendary acaan effect. A new principle that will allow you to make a surprising effect without sleight of hand,

Dani DaOrtiz – Connected

Here's something as timely as it is fascinating: Dani DaOrtiz has designed an entire collection of card material...for Zoom performances! In these unusual times, we need hard-hitting material that can be done by video-conferencing remotely,


In 1950s, David Berglas created the "Holy Grail" of card magic, known as "The Berglas Effect". The Berglas Effect: The performer shows a shuffled pack of cards, then a spectator is asked to think of ANY card in the deck.

Experts at the Card Table 2020

"Experts at the Card Table" was a full day (seven hours) online convention hend on October 25th 2020, where we spent the day with some of the brightest lights in cards magic, who taught new routines,

THAT’S CRAZY! by Joseph B

A real mind bender for everyone. Diabolical thinking ! This is really crazy! An impossible location under very strict conditions! Everything happens behind the magician's back in order to be as fair as possible!

Diabolical Prediction by Joseph B

Absolutely a must have impossible prediction routine. An ingenious, fascinating and diabolical method Diabolical Prediction is a real miracle for both layman and magicians. You will absolutely leave your audience speechless.