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Picturesque by John Guastaferro

"Picturesque is magnifique!" - Larry Wilmore "A superb routine. Clear, concise, baffling." - Raj Madhok "Such a significant leap in overall clarity. The 'one degree' here truly is GOLD !" - Shannon Clark

Kimoon Do – No Setup Card Magic Vol.1

If I introduce myself as a magician, people actually want to see what tricks I can pull off. Then you can just get an ordinary deck of cards and perform this trick to amaze the spectators at that point. It's totally impromptu so you can perform anywhere even with a borrowed deck. All of the tricks can be peformed consecutively non-stop so must check out these practical card tricks! "No Setup Card Magic" Learn in right now!! Featuring: 1. Mini Ambitius 2.The twins effect 3. Con air

Holy Shit by Paul Gordon

Paul Gordon's Holy Sh*t is a fooler to beat all foolers! And, aside from the killer routine, it's totally examinable at the end! So you know, Paul Gordon first marketed a version (called Holy Cow) some thirty years ago but it didn't end clean. This new version does!

Puzzling by Joseph B

An effect that has also the characteristics of the puzzle. With a completely normal, borrowed deck of cards. The conditions for finding the chosen card appear totally impossible for the spectator. Totally self working and easy to do.

McDonalds Aces by Liam Montier

The 'Ace Assembly' is a classic trick, where the four Aces are dealtout in a line, and three odd cards dropped on top of each one. Oneat a time, the Aces vanish cleanly from their packets, allassembling in the last packet, that a spectator has had their handon top of since the beginning of the trick!

Boarding Pass by Mariano Goni

Mariano Goni has done it again! A true worker both for mentalists and magicians. This is one of the highest rated tricks we've ever offered. Straightforward, using these days common stuff: QR codes and mobile phones.

Party Time by Adrian Vega

Adrian Vega has done it again! From the creator of Scaandal, Deck Stab, The Poliza and much more..., and after his success release, called Profiteer, inspired by a Mystery Box without a box, now Adrian Vega shares with you his super organic version,

Minime by Steve Marchello

Minime has a very high visual animated effect for close up magic, the animation moves smoothly under your nose. Very simple, direct, easy to use, and reset in seconds. Very recommended for your daily magic routine. Enjoy!

Mystery Border by Zaw Shinn

The Magician holds a playing card border and with a wave of a finger, the card appears inside of the border. -Now flap. -No fold. -Easy to perform Social media only