Phoenix by Petert Samelson

Phoenix by Petert Samelson A Classic Made Modern Gone are the days where magicians would borrow a mans cotton handkerchief from an audience member, but that did not stop Peter Samelson from perfecting a classic piece of magic for modern audiences. As a part of Peters working repertoire for the past 30 years The Phoenix doubles as both a formal masterpiece for the stage and as an "anytime, anywhere" impromptu close- up worker.

PUTAR 2 by SaysevenT

PUTAR 2 by SaysevenT I challange my self to spin a double card not on the deck, but on somewhere ! Two years experience make that can be reality to do a double card spin quickly on table. I have a recipe how to make that perfect spin on table. And this only using your skill,not a gaff or something to make that sticky.

Virtuoso by Topas and Luis de Matos

Virtuoso by Topas and Luis de Matos 1-4 THE AWARD-WINNING MAGIC & ILLUSIONS OF TOPAS Topas reveals cherished secrets from his professional repertoire. These include his award-winning FISM manipulation acts, mechanical marvels and stage illusions, and ideas on presentation that have shaped his performances. An unbelievable insight into the world of contemporary stage magic.

21 By Brian Kennedy

21 By Brian Kennedy Welcome to 21. This is my take on the classic Blackjack demonstration. So what makes this different to others. Here are some points to consider, • completely hands off • can be done with a borrowed deck • self working • no gimmicks • spectator makes all the free choices

Lolipops By Ebbytones

Lolipops By Ebbytones Visual effects of lollipops through objects that are very great and easy to do Without complicated setups and are very practical. You can borrow objects from the spectator, Can be, cigarette box, masks, keys, rings, even signed cards. What are you waiting for ?? Learn now!!