Topit A Go-Go by Thom Peterson

Topit-A-Go-Go is the easy, any-time topit that moves with you. Now there's no more tucking or tugging. Once installed, all you have to do is put on your coat, and the topit is immediately engaged and ready to go.

Benjamin Barnes LIVE(Penguin Live)

What will he teach? Nous Savons- An unbelievable card location that defies explanation. Ambitious Card- Everyone knows the effect Benjamin shares a way to perform it so that it is increasingly more impossible as the routine progresses. And it ends in their hands.

MagSwitch by Patrick Kun & Quiver

As a magician, we want to be able to perform spontaneously, anywhere, anytime; that is the reason we created the MagSwitch, a secret switching wallet hides in plain sight as an everyday MagSafe wallet.

Fireballs by Gary Jones

One of the most talked about effects from the best-selling 'Automata' DVD was Gary Jones' 'Fireballs'. This effect has it all: Strong magic, humour, audience participation, a killer surprise ending and FIRE! The utlimate 'packs small, plays big' walk-around/table hopping effect!

Brain Child by Kyle Purnell

"Brainchild is an innovative approach to 'Think-A-Card' which will blow your audiences away. Super-easy to do, fooling and with an impossible kicker that no one will see coming!" - Mark Elsdon

Disegual by Joseph B

DISEGUAL is a really powerful effect full of twists. In this trick it is possible to involve two spectators who will do all the work, the magician will not touch the cards.