Recall by Tom Crosbie

Wizard FX Productions are proud to present Tom Crosbie's Recall. Recall is designed as a complete guide to the Memorised Deck. Many performers have never used a memorised deck as it is considered difficult to learn. However on this project Tom not

Face 2 Face by Anthony Lindan

Inspired by the high-tech ‘Color Match’ trick, Anthony Lindan has created a powerful, low-tech symbol matching prediction that is ideal for both virtual and live shows.

Mystery Border by Zaw Shinn

The Magician holds a playing card border and with a wave of a finger, the card appears inside of the border. -Now flap. -No fold. -Easy to perform Social media only

Like by Gustavo Raley

"LIKE" by Gustavo Raley, IDEAL FOR VIRTUAL SHOWS. Gustavo Raley returns with a new routine interacting with emoticons. The magician shows a screen of a chat but analog since it is a blackboard.

The Truth by Daniel Prado

Daniel Prado is a lifelong student of the art of magic. Anyone familiar with his other effects like the “Peregrine Pass” or “The Cloak” will have already experienced the unrivaled level of thought Daniel puts into every aspect of his routines.

Polite by Raphael Macho

POLITE is a nail polish transformation concept. You can make it change, jump, appear, vanish and reveal ANY kind of nail polish in a split second - and the best part? You end clean, they can examine your hand as long as they want.

M and Magic by Gustavo Raley

Gustavo Raley presents an original and novel routine for your children's shows. The magician shows a board with an M&M chocolates motif and gives it to the child assistant to draw a picture of one of the M&M cartoons and place their signature on the drawing.

Barnløs by Rune Klan

Celebrate the greatest magic show you may have never even heard of. In his native land of Denmark, Rune Klan is a mega-star. He can't walk down the street without being stopped for autographs or photos. Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin have also said on numerous occasions that Rune Klan is quite possibly one of the best magicians alive.