Jeffrey Wang Live (Penguin LIVE)

Jeffrey does beautiful coin magic with his innovative sleights! You are gonna love his work." -Eric Jones "Watching Jeffrey perform from behind is an eye opener. Never have I seen anyone manipulate coins like this. This is what we call in Chinese a true 变态." -Eric Chien

WAKEN by Bond Lee

What is real magic? It might look something like this. The true power of haunted deck An extremely visual magic piece Imagine finding your spectator’s signed card with the power of shadow Or using Psychokinesis to raise their card from…

Spellendar by Phill Smith

Spellendar is an amazing, new self-working miracle from the brain of UK mentalist Phill Smith. One spectator freely chooses a word from a calendar and remembers the date associated with that word. Another mentally chooses a card from a shuffled deck.

Ring and Rope Routine by Willi Wessel

A full routine with seven different effects cleverly woven into each other to create a complete routine that lasts 3-5 minutes. In each effect the ring seems to melt through the rope. Every move is well thought through to create the maximum effect.

Emerald by Rall

Emerald is one of the most exciting collections in years. Along with a number of brand new techniques, Rall has taken classic moves and transformed them into something fresh, original and very magical.

Predict-A-Two by Totally Magic

2 Prediction cards are placed in full view from the start. From a shuffled deck two spectators select cards in a totally random way. Despite the impossibility both freely selected cards match the predictions. Clean and direct magic. *No Sleights *Regular Deck *Free Choices