Tubik by Tora Magic Company

“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

Tubik is a most trendy trick of Tora Magic. Tubik is a madly mind blowing props that was recently introduced and is included in the exclusive line of Tora Magic.
If you are a Rubik’s lover and you work with Rubik’s, Tubik will be a different and exciting product for you!
Hold a square rubik in your hand and show it completely and even rotate its sides so that the audience realizes that it is a normal rubik, then we put the rubik in the box, remove the tube and press on the rubik, at this moment mysteriously the square rubik turns into a round (cylindrical) rubik that shock everyone!!!
This product is completely handmade and assembled.
Turning a square Rubik into a round (cylindrical) Rubik is a very clever visual effect.
Setting up and running this item is very simple.
You get this product in a sturdy wooden box with a special gimmick and training card.

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