Pr3miere by David Jonathan & Nikolas Mavresis

"A brilliant mixture of methods, revelations and a beautiful kicker ending. I would do this in any of my shows in a heartbeat." - Marc Spelmann (X) "I have never been so fooled. This is an incredibly practical routine that is so easy to do and really clever. I always knew

Galaxy Glass by Sorcier Magic

A goblet glass is shown to the audience. It contains colored liquid. All you need to do is touch it with a scarf to transform the liquid inside into another color. It uses no chemicals or other compounds,

Dalight by Negan

This is a fun method for turning over a selected card in the deck impossibly + Super easy to do + No hard sleight of hand

The Vault-Third Eye by Radek Hoffman

"No electronics or gizmos here. Just a simple, direct and easy technique that once learned will serve you for a lifetime, enabling you to read minds whenever you want! This is the type of mentalism I love the most!" - Marc Paul