Invisible Addition by Ariston

Invisible Addition is a new accessory that allows you to invisibly add at least 13 cards. You can do a lot of effects. It is a specially manufactured case available in a bicycle blue or red design. Two original routines are included in one downloadable video. Essential for card magician.

The Vault – The Rice Project by Danny Urbanus

At the beginning The Ambitious Riser seems daunting, maybe even impossible! But after practicing it for a while you start to get the hang of it. But now what? Did you just learn the move for the sake of it? Are there any applications at all?

Stretch Change by Dingding

A red card stretches into a bizarre fragmented reality and then instantly turns blue! An unusual and memorable piece of magic for social media! Fun to make and perform. Download it today!

COINtencion by Alex Soza

A new retention vanish technique! From the mind of Alex Soza comes a series of routines that utilize this new retention technique. Learn from a coin master and download it today!

Aaron Fisher – Search & Destroy

Real Magic in the spectator's hands As magicians, we project an air of mysterious, hidden ability. Our audiences are envious of this power, and their secret is that they wish they could do what we do. Search & Destroy gives them that opportunity - in a fun, entertaining, and completely self-working way. And yet without offering them a single clue as to how it's all done!

ZERO BAND 1-2 by Johnny Kang

Invisible Elastic Band (I.E.B.) is easy-to-carry and used to perform many magical effects such as levitations and PK effects. However, ZERO BAND goes beyond any previous I.E.B. effects and generates more possibilities! Eight effects are created after the collision

Wonder Wallet by Astor

The Wonder Wallet is handmade from high quality German plastic material, this guaranties the long durability of it. The performer takes out from his pocket a wallet which has a rectangle hole in the