Osmosis by Teja Yendapally

A Brilliant routine involving a spectators signed coin and signed card! A signed coin penetrates through the deck right into a signed card under test conditions! No awkward moves or switches; heck the spectator can pull the coin out of the card themselves!!!

BH Dribble Catch Method 2 by Byeong Hun Yu

BH Dribble Catch (Method 2) Dribble the card and the magician catches the audience card in the middle of the deck! learn it now! The magician dribbles and catches the spectator’s card in the middle!

Plug It by Gustavo Raley

A modern effect in time of social networks. Showing some cards with several social networks icons you will guess a selected icon with an organic USB cable, the card will appear connected in the USB plug. You could use playing cards instead.

Rubber Band by Joe Rindfleisch

Joe is known as a pioneer in the field of rubber band magic. His new rubber band effects are visual foolers and have helped to revitalize the interest in rubber band magic. In addition, Joe has traveled the world teaching not only his incredible rubber band effects