Zombie Hand by Hanson Chien

A delightfully creepy new take on a one-of-a-kind classic effect. Bob Farmer's "Little Hand" has delighted people of all ages for decades. And now, you can enjoy a newly-designed Zombie version that is sure to shock and entertain everyone you meet.

 Knot Routine…Plus by Dennis Loomis

The most comprehensive video assemblage of Magical Knots and Rope Flourishes ever produced. The backbone is the Dennis Loomis Knot Routine. Each of the Knots in Dennis' routine is performed and then explained.

Facade Bill Change by Patrick G. Redford

The impromptu, no cover, easy to do, visual bill change! Learn Patrick Redford's impossibly clean version of the bill change. Easy to learn and easy to perform. This illusion is designed to work with 5,10, 20, 50 or 100 dollar US bills. Download and learn it today!

Double Lift System Deluxe Edition by Radja Syailendra

Welcome to Double Lift System Deluxe Edition in this download you will learn 15 unique moves double lift. Double Lift is basic move for a magician, because just only use basic move can make impress someone in a magic performance. in this moment i just bring you new touch to do a double lift.

Asteroidea by Shirvester

A massive compilation of mind-boggling rubber band effects that has been praised by the world's best rubber band magicians. "The most visual rubber band effect I have seen. You've created a bomb. This rubber band project is ultra visual and easy to learn, I love it!" Dr. Cyril Thomas

 Alive by Hide & Sergey Koller

Animation - one of the strongest thing in magic! What Alive is? 1. A spectator thinks of a random word 2. You show your prediction (a few lines in a random order) to the spectator and tell him this is his word written in the Japanese 3. The spectator sees how inks move on a pad and turn into his word

Changeling by Peter Eggink

"Changeling" by Peter Eggink A super visual, hands-off card change. A card is selected (signed) by the spectator and returned in the pack. Next, the cards are shuffled and a random card is sandwiched in-between the 2 jokers in such a way that the card remains in full view at all times.

Treasure by Pen & MS Magic

From the genius mind of Pen. Treasure is a coin dropper allowing you to produce coins at your fingertips like magic. The magician displays an empty hand and with a swing of the arm, a coin is produced. You can produce 5 coins with the small version, and up to 10 coins with the large one.