Skymember Presents Nova by Avi Yap

Skymember Presents Nova by Avi Yap Many eye candy card tricks like TNR and Color Changing usually require gimmicks to achieve the visualness. What if we are telling you that, our in-house artist, Avi Yap has developed a concept to perform these card tricks without any gimmicks yet they are still insanely visual?

Cohesive by Kevin Li

Cohesive by Kevin Li I hate gum tricks, but I love this one. I'm fooled." - Justin Flom Nothing is more organic, spontaneous, or surprising to spectators than taking an ordinary object and creating a miracle. That's exactly what you'll learn to do on Kevin Li's Cohesive. Here you'll learn the secrets behind a series of strikingly visual effects using a familiar object that everyone loves- gum.

Name Game by Spidey & Rick Lax

WHY NAMES? BECAUSE THEY’RE POWERFUL. They’re more powerful than cards, more powerful than coins, and WAY more powerful than ‘random words.’ And NAME GAME is a brilliant, new trick that harnesses this power DIRECTLY and SPECTACULARLY. Seriously, the secret method is unlike anything you’ve ever seen…and it’s KILLER.

What, Where, When and Why by Vulpine

What, Where, When and Why by Vulpine A powerful card trick, that's not really a card trick. From the minds of Adam Wilber and Justin Miller. THE WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & WHY WALLET A great opener for any strolling environment. This is a visual and surprising routine that's extremely easy to perform and hits the Pack Small Play Big mark.