2021 Allan Kronzek Penguin Live Lecture – Free Download

What will he teach? In this extended teaching session, magician and NY Times bestselling author Allan Zola Kronzek shares seven of his most his most memorable creations, along with the along with the performance philosophy that shaped them. Among the topics explored are "drawing in" versus "freaking out;" the importance of "play," in the

2021 TWISTING FOOLING By Joseph B – Free Download

Skill required : only Elmsley Count A Packet trick that will fool you ! Joseph has always got great reactions even from other magicians ! You will enjoy the climax Just four blu back eights turns over one at the time ! Then they immediately change into four Kings! At the end the kicker: They color change also on the back! It looks totally impossible !

2021 Dice by Alexander Laguna – Free Download

Imagine reading someone's mind without any props needed, Alexander created an effect where you have the freedom to read the mind of any spectator, anywhere at any time. The best part is that this principle can lead to other languages you like, here is the description of the effect.

2021 Klipto by Liam Montier – Free Download

You can't see the coins. You can't feel the coins. But you know what they are! Three borrowed coins are locked in transparent plastic holders, dropped into three ungimmicked envelopes and mixed by the spectator. You can't see the coins. You can't feel the coins. But you instantly know what they are!